Faith was the primary motivation and goal that first brought our nation’s intrepid founders to our shores. It is the foundation of our Declaration of Independence and the first priority of our Constitution. We must not and cannot allow faith to remain as any less than the first of our Four Pillars.

  • The Logos Initiative: perhaps one of the most ambitious of the current efforts of AmeriVAL Group, this imaginative project will see the installation of the entire King James Bible on granite tablets in a major exhibit in the United States and Israel. Such a significant concept has never been undertaken, and this is just the first of numerous such enduring Word installations throughout the world.
  • The Thanksgiving Project: as part of the Operation Grateful American, it is our mission to help restore this annual holiday as one of true gratitude and giving of thanks. We will provide multiple resources to aid families, schools, churches and other organizations to celebrate this special time of family and community.
  • Enduring Word Museum: working with a number of the world’s leading experts, the founder of this museum has assembled an amazing collection of compelling evidence and artifacts. These invaluable and seldom seen items illustrate the supernatural manner in which we came to have the Bible we rely on today for guidance, instruction and inspiration.