Philosophers, history’s great political and religious leaders, sociologists, and leaders from virtually every discipline that address the issue of nations and societies acknowledge that no country can long survive without stable and healthy families. Such families have produced the men and women who built this country, and we must see them continue to do so.

  • Families First Project: this exciting effort is serving as a clearinghouse of the best available information to help future and current parents understand the basics of good parenting. Materials and resources provide needed insights into the role of parenting in producing solid families and future Americans.
  • Freedom Family Readers: experts are being funded to identify, assemble and create a living library of the stories of America’s founders and patriots in each of the Four Pillars. Many curriculums in today’s schools tragically omit these essential and inspiring stories. This important project will utilize inviting and effective multi-media resources for use by children, parents, teachers and grandparents. This effort will ensure these timeless stories and shared for generations to come.
  • Our Family Digital Community Project:┬ácommunity is essential to strong families, towns and cities, and our nation. This project will use state-of-art technology and social media concepts to create electronic village squares to facilitate more active participation in civic, charitable and social activities at the local level.
  • The Legacy Project: history and tradition are the core of family pride and aspirational expectations. This initiative will create the world’s largest collection of family-oriented physical and digital “Legacy Time Capsules” by providing the resources and insights into how you can retrieve and help create the story of your family legacy.