Free Enterprise


No nation in history has ever lifted so many individuals from poverty or provided such unfettered opportunities for success and personal advancement. Unfortunately, many today are ignorant of the vital importance of our economic system to our continued greatness.

Our desire is to encourage our communities to collectively support that system and to equip and support those innovative and indomitable entrepreneurs who venture forth to fulfill visions and create opportunities. In that process, we will help them continue to give us the greatest standard of living for the greatest number of people the world has ever known.

  • AmeriVAL Funding: crowdfunding has and is transforming the way individuals and communities can support individuals and projects that have the potential to change lives, families, local cities and towns, our nation, and even the world. ┬áThis new crowdfunding platform is committed to building a significant base of like-minded supporters committed to funding “Projects with a Purpose”.
  • Job Creation Institute: entrepreneurship is tough under any circumstances, and the process is often carried out in an environmental of survival of the fittest. The Institute will serve as a clearing house of all available information and practical resources to increase those odds of survival and produce sustainable success. The goals of the Institute include encouraging even more individuals to start this journey which results in the jobs and opportunities that drive our nation’s long-term success.

Our goal is to create educated and motivated citizens who both understand and support our incredible Free Enterprise System. This is the system that allows anyone of any background, skill set, experience and knowledge to enjoy success. Such efforts will create a sense of gratitude for the role of our economic system in producing the financial power and protection to enjoy our other three Pillars.