We hear constantly that freedom is not free. However, but we must just as often be reminded of the cost of that freedom, honor those who protect it, and inspire future warriors who will stand on the walls and provide that protection against the enemies ho would destroy it.

  • Grateful American Coin: the birth project of the AmeriVAL project, this version of the treasured Challenge Coin allows a civilian to provide a real and tangible expression of gratitude to any veteran or active duty man or woman.
  • Task Force Home Front: those who have returned to our shores, along with their families, often need the help of those who have remained at home. The men and women who work in this project are volunteers ready to help and be “There when the warrior returns”. They help coordinate and access many avenues of assistance and support.
  • Masterpieces of U.S. History: the nation has produced many of the world’s most remarkable documents that deal with liberty, faith, commerce and the lives and rights of the individual. This effort is providing schools, churches and institutions around the country the opportunity to display gorgeous and elegantly framed reproductions of these documents on their walls and offices.
  • Platoons of the Fallen: instead of simply putting a name on a wall, this project seeks to bring faces of those who have fallen to live on as an active presence among their local communities. Inspired by the POWMAG founder Ken Pridgeon, we are working to ensure a platoon of volunteers carry the pictures of their local fallen every patriotic parade.